Carly & Jordan – Fronterra Farms, Prince Edward County

{it was instinctive the way i fell for you. like an effortless intake of breath}

After having to reschedule our Toronto engagement shoot, Carly brought up the idea of shooting in Prince Edward County at these epic “glamping” style tents that they’d be renting for Jordans 30th birthday. It just so happened I was going to be travelling to Montreal that day and so I said an enthusiastic Hell Yes! I’ll probably be going back there as soon as Fronterra opens their brewery! There were soo many great places to shoot here (like the rows of hopps!) and the super kitsch little kitchen beside the tents that overlooks the lake. We finished off our great day at the beautiful Drake Devonshire, somewhere I’ve always wanted to see. The whole day did not disappoint!

Thank you Carly and Jordan for a memorable day!

xo Lori


Tali & Barry’s Montreal Engagement Shoot

I just simply adore Montreal. I love it’s charm, it’s character and it’s strong parisian vibe. We had a lovely day shooting at the popular Atwater Market, then took a stroll along the canal and met up with Barry’s dad and his epic 1959  red corvette. Then finished the day off drinking delicious iced latte’s at Lili & Oli. I wanted to include many quintessential Montreal aspects into our shoot as tribute to this stylish couple and this unforgettable city!

Enjoy! xo Lori

Jordy & Ben – 03.10.2015

Holy hell. I had an amazing time hanging out with Jordy and Ben for their engagement shoot up at their childhood camp in the Kawarthas! After the shoot, I got to party with them and their pals and they even hooked me up with a sweet cabin for the night! I feel superbly lucky to work with some pretty wonderful people! This shoot reminded me of why I love my job so much ❤ Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_002Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_001 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_003 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_004 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_005 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_006 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_007 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_008 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_009 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_010 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_011 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_012 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_013 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_014 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_015 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_016 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_017 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_018 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_019 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_020 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_021 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_022 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_023 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_024 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_025 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_026 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_027 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_028 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_029 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_030 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_031 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_032 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_033 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_034 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_035 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_036

Liz & Di

Soooo, I’ve definitely found a new favourite place to shoot in the city! Last week I met up with Liz and Di to shoot their engagement photos in Humber Park, and I’m pretty stoked with the outcome!! Hope they like them as much as I do 🙂 

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