Melissa + Zack – Huatulco Mexico

Wow. Huatulco is just incredible & Melissa & Zacks wedding was one of the most fun and relaxing destination weddings I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Thank you so much for asking me to travel to such a beautiful place with you and your loved ones!

Much love,

Lorilori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_01 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_02 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_03 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_04 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_05 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_06 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_07 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_08 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_09 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_10 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_11 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_12 lori_waltenbury_photo_huatulco_13

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