Kayla + Jon – 19.11.2016

Wow! I can’t believe this amazing wedding was my last for 2016! Such an insane year filled with great times, lovely couples and amazing memories! Thank you so much everyone for allowing me to do what I love every single day, you make my heart full ❤
copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_01 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_02 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_03 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_04 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_05 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_06 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_07 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_08 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_09 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_10 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_11 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_12 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_13 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_14 kayla-15 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_16 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_17 copyright_loriwaltenburyphoto_18

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