Faith & Dan – 09.10.2017

So I officially beat my record of most images shot for a wedding! When I combine my amazing 2nd shooter Lee Westons images to mine, it makes a total of 7500 images captured! It was nearly impossible to quickly skim through them all to find my favourites to add to a blog post but after over two days, I managed to locate most of my favourites! Enjoy this not so little preview from Faith & Dan’s gorgeous wedding at the Four Seasons in Toronto on Sunday!

*Ps – Not many photos of the ceremony as we weren’t allowed to shoot during the ceremony.

lori_waltenbury_photo_01 lori_waltenbury_photo_02 lori_waltenbury_photo_03 lori_waltenbury_photo_04 lori_waltenbury_photo_05 lori_waltenbury_photo_06 lori_waltenbury_photo_07 lori_waltenbury_photo_08 lori_waltenbury_photo_09 lori_waltenbury_photo_10 lori_waltenbury_photo_11 lori_waltenbury_photo_12 lori_waltenbury_photo_13 lori_waltenbury_photo_14 lori_waltenbury_photo_15 lori_waltenbury_photo_16 lori_waltenbury_photo_17 lori_waltenbury_photo_18 lori_waltenbury_photo_19 lori_waltenbury_photo_20 lori_waltenbury_photo_21 lori_waltenbury_photo_22 lori_waltenbury_photo_23 lori_waltenbury_photo_24 lori_waltenbury_photo_25 lori_waltenbury_photo_26 lori_waltenbury_photo_27 lori_waltenbury_photo_28 lori_waltenbury_photo_29 lori_waltenbury_photo_30 lori_waltenbury_photo_31 lori_waltenbury_photo_32 lori_waltenbury_photo_33 lori_waltenbury_photo_34 lori_waltenbury_photo_35 lori_waltenbury_photo_36 lori_waltenbury_photo_37 lori_waltenbury_photo_38 lori_waltenbury_photo_39 lori_waltenbury_photo_40 lori_waltenbury_photo_41 lori_waltenbury_photo_42 lori_waltenbury_photo_43 lori_waltenbury_photo_44 lori_waltenbury_photo_45 lori_waltenbury_photo_46

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