Lauryn & Marc – 25.09.2016

Lauryn & Marc’s had an incredibly styled and absolutely gorgeous wedding on Sunday that I felt superbly lucky to be asked to photograph!


Please remember if you post anything online, please credit me with a simple “Photo by” thank you!


lori_waltenbury_photo_01 lori_waltenbury_photo_02 lori_waltenbury_photo_03 lori_waltenbury_photo_04 lori_waltenbury_photo_05 lori_waltenbury_photo_06 lori_waltenbury_photo_07 lori_waltenbury_photo_08 lori_waltenbury_photo_09 lori_waltenbury_photo_10 lori_waltenbury_photo_11 lori_waltenbury_photo_12 lori_waltenbury_photo_13 lori_waltenbury_photo_14 lori_waltenbury_photo_15 lori_waltenbury_photo_16 lori_waltenbury_photo_17 lori_waltenbury_photo_18 lori_waltenbury_photo_19 lori_waltenbury_photo_20 lori_waltenbury_photo_21 lori_waltenbury_photo_22 lori_waltenbury_photo_23 lori_waltenbury_photo_24 lori_waltenbury_photo_25 lori_waltenbury_photo_26 lori_waltenbury_photo_27 lori_waltenbury_photo_28 lori_waltenbury_photo_29 lori_waltenbury_photo_30 lori_waltenbury_photo_31 lori_waltenbury_photo_32 lori_waltenbury_photo_33 lori_waltenbury_photo_34 lori_waltenbury_photo_35 lori_waltenbury_photo_36 lori_waltenbury_photo_37 lori_waltenbury_photo_38 lori_waltenbury_photo_39 lori_waltenbury_photo_40 lori_waltenbury_photo_41 lori_waltenbury_photo_42 lori_waltenbury_photo_43 lori_waltenbury_photo_44 lori_waltenbury_photo_45 lori_waltenbury_photo_46 lori_waltenbury_photo_47 lori_waltenbury_photo_48 lori_waltenbury_photo_49 lori_waltenbury_photo_51 lori_waltenbury_photo_52 lori_waltenbury_photo_53 lori_waltenbury_photo_54 lori_waltenbury_photo_55 lori_waltenbury_photo_56 lori_waltenbury_photo_57 lori_waltenbury_photo_58 lori_waltenbury_photo_59 lori_waltenbury_photo_60 lori_waltenbury_photo_61 lori_waltenbury_photo_62lori_waltenbury_photo_50

Flowers: Orchid Florist

Band: Dwayne Gretzky

DJ: Sole Power

Stylist or Salon: Medulla and Co/Kirsch Cosmetics

Dress Designer Boutique: Loversland

Videographer: Big Ticket Productions

Wedding planner: Ashley Lindzon

2 thoughts on “Lauryn & Marc – 25.09.2016

    1. You are a gem Susan, you and Julia were so kind helpful and went beyond the call of duty to help us in any way you could. Thanks to you two special women xo liz❤️

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