The Gouett’s

i’ll love you forever

i’ll like you for always

as long as i’m living

my baby you’ll be

Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_040 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_004Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_006 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_236 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_226 copyLori_Waltenbury_Photo_246 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_210 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_188 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_165 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_164 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_158 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_154 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_145 copyLori_Waltenbury_Photo_141 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_133 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_102 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_093 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_092 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_084 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_082 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_071 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_067 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_052 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_047 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_037 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_027 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_025 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_017 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_013 copyLori_Waltenbury_Photo_216 copyLori_Waltenbury_Photo_253 copy Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_010 copy

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