Jesse T Cornish; A life remembered and a passion shared.

My grandfather, although not biological and whom I don’t recall much of, was from what I’ve been told an incredibly creative, loving and honourable man. I’ve been connecting to him and my families past after acquiring several boxes of his photo slides this year. It’s almost indescribable the sheer amount of joy I’ve been experiencing going through my grandfathers old photos. I feel so incredibly inspired by his candidly beautiful photojournalistic style, his dedication to photography and photographing his world and I remain touched by his love for my mother, my aunts and my grandmother.

xoxo Lori

man in the 1960 with taxi woman in 1960 suntanning 1950 cars and picnicqueen of england in midland in 1960 53250004 copy53260001 53260002 532600035326000553260004 5326000653260008 53260009 53260010 532600115326000753260012 53260013 53260014 53260015 53260016 53260017 53260018 53260019 53260020 53260021 53260022 53260023 53260024 53260025

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