Allison & Dan – 09.08.2014

Holy cow. I could literally write for hours on how absolutely awesome Allison and Dan’s wedding was last weekend. First off, these two are soo freakin’ fun, down to earth and absolutely hilarious. Also.. soo obviously into each other, that they’re passion and love for each other was palpable. Dan was soo full of lovely compliments and commentary about my work even BEFORE I shot their wedding, which made me super excited to meet them on the day of. There were many super awesome things that stood out at their wedding, such as their first dance being You Never Can tell by Chuck Berry (Most notable for being the twist song in one of my favourite movies Pulp Fiction!!) I had the biggest smile on my face when that came on, then immediately turned into a big mushy suck when Dan and his mother shared a dance. Another notable aspect of their wedding was the absolutely amazing band that played, they got the crowd going wild and they truly kicked ass, check them out! They’re called The Honeyrunners! I won’t lie, I was absolutely exhausted when I arrived at their house from shooting a wedding the day before in Parry Sound but as soon as I got there Allison and her ladies woke me up with their warmth, great conversation and some champagne (and maybe even a shot or two..).

Enjoy this little preview! I sure am excited to give them their images, as some shots I snuck in are truly freakin’ hilarious.


Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_001 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_002 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_003 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_004 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_005 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_006 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_007 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_008 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_009 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_010 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_011 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_012 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_013 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_014 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_015 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_016 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_017 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_018 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_019 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_020 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_021 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_022 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_023 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_024 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_025 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_026 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_027 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_028 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_029 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_030 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_031 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_032 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_033 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_034 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_035 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_036 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_037 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_038 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_039 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_040 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_041 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_042 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_043 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_044 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_045Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_049Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_047 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_048 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_046 Lori_Waltenbury_Photo_050

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