Humber Park Engagement Shoot!

Holy moly. I had such a great time hanging out with these two yesterday. They’re both super fun and sooo obviously in love (also, extremely photogenic!). It was such a positive note on such a long hard week I had. Definitely brightened up my day spending time with these lovely people and they’re super cute dog Molly! (Who I’d like to adopt.. just sayin’!)

ALSO.. how amazing is the cop car!!!


_MG_0209 copy KISSING_IN_FEILD_MG_0336 copycutest_family_ever_WP_0347 copy_WP_0373_WP_0337 copy_WP_0097 copy_WP_0317 copy_WP_0312 copy_WP_0231 copy_WP_0272 copy_WP_0164 copy_WP_0159 copy_MG_0269 copy_WP_0003 copy_MG_0231 copy_WP_0553 copykissing_in_cop_car_engagement_WP_0620 copy


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