Metro Convention Center Bridal Show!

I had an amaaaazing time at the Metro Convention Centre last month at Canada’s Bridal Show. I literally spent months preparing for this show, I really wanted my booth to be unique and to completely stand out from the rest and from all the various comments and great feedback I seemed as though I accomplished my mission!! I wanted to go with a rustic, “barn wedding” theme, with many cute little DIY vintage pieces. I really dislike the general cookie-cutter theme when it comes to wedding shows, and I wanted my booth to reflect not only my personality but also the creative nature of my work. I designed and built everything myself, even the pamphlets (and I’m not a graphic designer haha) and spent almost 80 hours personally hand sealing each and every one of them with a beautiful wax seal. To the vintage frames I spent months searching for in antique markets and thrift stores, then painting them individually by hand. Let’s just say, I don’t really like taking the easy way out!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was so wonderful hearing all the positive feedback about my booth (aka, my baby!) and my work!


beautiful photographer pamphlets and wedding invitationsphoto 2brass vintage frame with wedding photo photo 4 photo 5

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