Emilie & Jayson – Riviera Maya!


Emilie and Jayson decided a couple months ago to hold their wedding in gorgeous Riviera Miya Mexico in December and I was beyond ecstatic that they asked me to join only a couple weeks prior. Especially as I’m always up for new random adventures and definitely when it’s to warm tropical locations in the middle of winter!


They got married underneath a breathtaking gazebo on the beach in Tulum and I was thrilled that they were doing the actual ceremony in Mexico, unlike most people who legally get married in Canada and then do a ceremony for guests abroad. Because of this, the ceremony was in Spanish with an English translator and felt much more authentic and suiting to the location. The location, weather and the gorgeous (and super friendly) couple made it a dream wedding shoot for any photographer!


I’ve gotta say, this was definitely one of the most memorable wedding I’ve ever been to. The weather was absolutely perfect (even though we had severe rain storms the first three days) everything worked out flawlessly. I’m in love with the photos we took on the beach before the ceremony, their actually some of my favourite destination wedding photos I’ve taken to date. It’s always hard to find enough time to grab a variety of shots at these types of wedding, as there’s always so much uncertainty with destination weddings, but over and over again I see how planning truly does make for better photos.


One of the best parts of this wedding was the poolside reception afterwards, where everybody, mothers, fathers, bridesmaids and groomsmen ALL ended up in the pool at the end of the night! I personally couldn’t resist either and jumped right in (after safely tucking away my camera gear ha!).





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