Ruth & Adam’s wedding album!

I’ve actually been looking forward to this specific wedding for quite some time now! Ruth and Adam are such a wonderfully loving, caring and compassionate pair. I felt extremely fortunate to be a part of their wedding at Rosewater in Toronto this November. All the little details from this wedding were outrageously creative, well thought out and breathtaking. From the to-die-for flowers by Coriander Girl (one of my favourite florists!) to the handmade crocheted hearts within each thank you card, to Ruth’s incredible dress from David’s Bridal, everything just came together so beautifully to make for a truly unforgettable day!

Here’s a couple favourite images from their wedding album, I really can’t wait to see it printed in person!




001 copy 002 copy 003 copy 005 copy 006 copy 007 copy 008 copy 009 copy 011 copy 014_5 copy 016 copy 017 copy 020 copy 021 copy

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