Joanne & Chad – 8.12.2013

Our day started at Joanne’s lovely parents house in High Park, an absolutely gorgeous home with a classic vintage charm, meaning it wasn’t very difficult to find great places to shoot all the little details pre-wedding. That’s one of the many things I’ve always loved about wedding photography, the fact that each place, each shoot and each couple is completely different. I love the challenge in finding just the right light or the right locations to capture the mood of the day and each individual couple. I was really excited when they told me they’d be having their ceremony and following reception at Auberge Du Pomier, one of the 8 super tasty Oliver & Bonacini restaurants in Toronto. Their service is always impeccable, yet friendly and down to earth, and the food is to die for!

The couple chose to have a relatively small and intimate affair, keeping it to local friends and close family, which made for an unforgettably romanic and intimate evening. The ceremony was simple and sweet, and I happened to peer up from my camera as Joanne walked down the isle with both her loving mother and father, and it was a challenge to find a dry eye within the bunch. It was definitely one of those precious sacred moments I’m always utterly grateful to be a part of.

There’s always little details or moments that stick out for me at each individual wedding, aside from when they walked down the isle, a couple words really stood out for me. During his speech the groom mentioned that we was so proud to be marrying such a strong women, with an equally strong mother and sister and how he really admired and loved that about these women. It makes me smile hearing from men who appreciates strength and endurance within their partner.

Here’s a couple shots from the day, enjoy!!



Lori-waltenbury-photo_01 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_02 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_03 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_04 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_05 Lori-waltenbury-photo_06 Lori-waltenbury-photo_07 Lori-waltenbury-photo_08 Lori-waltenbury-photo_09 Lori-waltenbury-photo_10 Lori-waltenbury-photo_11 Lori-waltenbury-photo_12 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_13 Lori-waltenbury-photo_14 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_15 Lori-waltenbury-photo_16 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_17 Lori-waltenbury-photo_18Lori-waltenbury-photo_20Lori-waltenbury-photo_21 copy Lori-waltenbury-photo_19Lori-waltenbury-photo_22

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