Charity Photoshoot Weekend!!


I just finished 11 portraits in 3 days all to benefit the Midland OSPCA! I raised 1,100$ and loads of blankets, treats and food for all the little critters at the shelter! I’m seriously in love with every single shoot from the weekend. It was a pretty big challenge shooting that many sessions in such a short period of time but it was for a great cause so I sucked it up, hustled and was soo tremendously proud during the drop off on Tuesday. I committed 1,000 hours at the starting of the year to various charities and I can proudly say I’ve almost DOUBLED that and was able to give money and time to NILMDTS, Midland OSPCA, Toronto OSPCA and Sea Shepperd!! So stoked to be able to do what I love and help others at the same time 🙂

Check out some of the shots from the weekend!

family-portrait-midland-ontario girl-and-old-horse smiling-dog-photoAND THEN THERE WAS THIS CUTIE!!!

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