Creative Bridal shoot w/ Kate Mackenzie

I did a wicked creative shoot with stylist and wedding planner Kate MacKenzie two weeks ago and I abbbbsolutely love the results! Put soo much love into these photos! Can’t WAIT to see them in magazines and wedding blogs in the fall!!!

Our team was absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend each and everyone of them, not only were they great to work with, each person was highly motivated and driven. It’s so rare to find other creatives who are hustlers! Good job ladies!!

Makeup & Hair: Kristen Foote (Definitely check her out if your getting married!)
Cake: Helena Borody
Desserts: Krissy Desnoyers Vann
Model: Claudia Liera
Planner/Stylist: Kate MacKenzie
Flowers & Antique Props: Jamie Chojnacki


LoriWaltenbury_003LoriWaltenbury_025 LoriWaltenbury_104LoriWaltenbury_091

LoriWaltenbury_017 LoriWaltenbury_083LoriWaltenbury_061 LoriWaltenbury_077
LoriWaltenbury_089 LoriWaltenbury_075 LoriWaltenbury_072LoriWaltenbury_097 LoriWaltenbury_067
LoriWaltenbury_051 LoriWaltenbury_047 LoriWaltenbury_046 LoriWaltenbury_043 LoriWaltenbury_040 LoriWaltenbury_036
LoriWaltenbury_014LoriWaltenbury_127 LoriWaltenbury_009



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