A little update..

Lovely people, after much deliberation I’ve recently had to raise my wedding rates, as being a photographer is extremely (and sometimes overwhelmingly) expensive. Ever since I started photography, I’ve had to borrow, rent, finance mostly every piece of gear I’ve ever needed. A lot of times, I’ve chosen to eat my dinner out of a can just so I could afford a new camera or some light stands (Soo glamorous, I know!). Everyone says wedding photographers are unreasonably expensive, but after a wedding, I do over a hundred hours of work on those beautiful images I spent 12 hours making. After the emailing, the scheduling, phone conversations, shooting and editing, I barely make minimum wage. Which isn’t really my main concerns as I love building relationships with clients and I’m absolutely head over heels for photography. Weddings have turned into my passion, not because of the money but because I love the actions, the emotions and the pressure to create something beautiful within a very short timeline. I love meeting all your friends and family and making them laugh and smile in front of my lens and capturing their true genuine emotions. Developing my technique and personal style has taken years of experience, experimentation and sweaty back breaking hard work. None, of which I would ever take back. This is my passion and I’m grateful to wake up every morning to do what I love and I truly, wholeheartedly appreciate the people who’ve supported me. Truly, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all your support, emotionally and financially.

With that said, I’ll honour all my old rates for any future weddings booked by the end of September 2013, instalments are also available for those interested.

Lori Waltenbury

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