Congratulations Mr & Mrs Love!

Excited to finally post these as their some of my favourite images from last summer! Enjoy!!

Almost on top of my updating my site with all my awesome work from 2012!


Lori Waltenbury
001_1 002__MG_1898 copy 003__MG_1910 copy 005_2 006__MG_2369 copy 007_3 008__MG_1998 copy 009__MG_2215 copy 010_5 011__MG_2558 copy 012_6 013__MG_2441 copy 014__MG_2332 copy 015_4 016__MG_2402 copy 017_7 018__MG_2543 copy 019_9 020__MG_2907 copy 021_8 022__MG_2986 copy 023_10 024__D3_1284 copy 025_11027_15028__MG_3000 copy029__D3_1316 copy030__MG_3108 copy 031__MG_3248 copy026_14 032__MG_3249 copy 033__MG_3252copy copy 034__MG_26242 copy 035__MG_3433 copy 036__MG_3494 copy 037__MG_3752 copy 038__MG_3715 copy 039_12 040__MG_4015 copy 041__MG_4055 copy 042__MG_4102 copy 043__MG_4376 copy 044__MG_4448 copy 045_13 046__MG_4581 copy 047__MG_4761 copy 048__MG_4807 copy

Venue: St. Georges Golf and Country Club  (

Cake: I Do! Wedding Cakes (

DJ: Maximum Music (

Makeup/Hair: Marco Stefano Salon (

Dress: Felichia Bridal (

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