A celebration on Isla Mujeres!

Is it possible to fall in love with a place? an island? well, I sure have. I LOVE Isla Mujeres and absolutely can’t wait to go back and shoot more weddings, fire dancers and island natives. I had the pleasure last week to photograph Cara and Marys beautiful beach wedding, the weather for the ceremony was absolutely perfect, the island was a photographers paradise (accept for the copious amount of sea water and sand in the air). Oh well, why spend money in expensive gear if your not going to use it and test it to it’s limits? It makes me soo happy when I’m waist deep in seawater with waves coming just a couple inches under my expensive cam and the wind almost knocking me over. Makes me fall in love with photography all over again. I love being challenged, shooting in new places and being tested to my absolute limit. This is my comfort zone.

Cara and Mary are two wonderful loving gals from New York who hired me without even meeting me. I actually met them for the first time on the beach two days before their wedding! These two have soo  much love and respect for each other and I think it truly shows in the images. Just the way these two look at each other make my heart melt, we can only be so lucky to have a love as pure, genuine and honest as theirs. I wish nothing but the best for these two ladies, it was truly a pleasure getting to know you, your families and your friends. Thank you once again for inviting me to be a part of your important day <3!


Lori Waltenbury
_WP_0014 copy _WP_0032 copy _WP_0220 copy _WP_0266 copy _WP_0328 copy _WP_0347 copy _WP_0435 copy _WP_0559 copy

Who knew? Golf carts don’t love sand! Rounded up a crew to help us out of this pre-wedding pickle!

_WP_0645 copy _WP_0716 copy _WP_0732 copy _WP_0801 copy _WP_0856 copy _WP_0875 copy _WP_0980 copy _WP_0999 copyIMG_0766 copy

What an amazing location for a wedding eh?!!

_WP_1239 copy _WP_1291 copy _WP_1415 copy_WP_1444 copy

Mary had enough of her dress and jumped in the ocean wearing her dress right after the ceremony! Had to laugh, she took me to the side and said “Nobody knows I’m doing this so get ready!” Had everyone on the beach staring in amazement! 

_WP_1598 copy
_WP_1723 copy_WP_1801 copy

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