Emilia and Brett – September 16th 2012

Everything was so beautifully arranged and crafted by the gorgeous bride Emilia. You can tell she really put a lot of thought into every single detail of her wedding, from the homemade delicious jams, to the ceremony decor and the ultra-cute kitsch decorations including typewriters for thank you notes and thoughtful take home gift bags filled with essential hangover cures (like purple dinosaurs and tylenol!). Another favourite among myself and guests was the homemade blanket fort beside the dance floor, complete with blankets and ample pillows for maximum comfort and cuteness!

I’ve gotta say, maybe even boast that these are my favourite shots I’ve taken this summer. Emilia and Brett were really open to all my random creative ideas, although I don’t think the neighbours were impressed with us lighting off fireworks in the middle of the street late at night! But I love every single image that came out of that day and really wanted to share! Emilia and Brett both equally made me feel so welcomed and appreciated, it was truly a pleasure to photograph their wedding.

Also, how amazing is her 1920s inspired dress?!? These two were so epicly styled!



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